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“ You could say that Die Casting is in my blood or that Die Casting was destined for me….

  My father was a die cast tool and die maker at Doehler-Jarvis, the first die cast plant in the USA.

  In February 1977, at the age of 20, I started at Doehler-Jarvis as a first inspector. I quickly moved up the ranks as my fascination with all things die cast increased; eventually being asked to become a service technician in charge of ten machines at once. 

  In April 1990, I was the given the opportunity to go to Sodico in Shrewsbury, PA to be a die cast engineer. I quickly improved their scrap rate from a catastrophic 40% down to a meager 2%.

  In 1992, I was approached by AMP to set up and train a die cast division in East Berlin. After a few years at AMP, I was given the opportunity to join a former colleague from Doehler’s at CastMatic in Michigan.

  In 1997, Sodico asked me to come back and help them with further improvements. My family was still in PA, so I came back without hesitation.

  In 1999, Techmire called and wanted me to sell and service Techmire machines in the continental USA. Unfortunately, tragedy struck in 2001 when the world trade center was attacked and Techmire’s sales took a nose dive; causing me to be let go.  

  I made vacuum systems for a few different companies to hold me over until I received a call from an old Techmire customer wanting to sell me a machine. Never one to quit, I decided it was time to start my own business. 

  Hoffman Die Cast Technologies, Inc was formed in 2003 with me as our only employee and the rest, as they say, is history. We have been steadily growing year after year, becoming a supplier for many large companies, yet holding on to our underdog mentality and determination." - Joe   


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